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All rights Reserved

President's Message

Dear CSH Members;

It has been a busy spring season and summer is on the way, hope you all
have a safe and fun filled summer. We had a very successful CSH spring meeting
at Yale that was well attended, standing room only. We are planning a fall meeting
at the CT science center for November 3, 2012 details to follow shortly.

I had the pleasure of attending the rhode island and region 1 NY meeting
both were great, the speakers, the venues, the food total success. I encourage you
to attend these local meetings for info see .

In closing I would like to remind everyone that we need help with the CSH
web site anyone interested please contact me. The CSH fall meeting will be a full
day event 8a -4p 5 ceu's minimum with admission to science center included in
sign up fee. It is also election of CSH officers anyone interested please send
nomination letters to me or any of the officers we really need your help all offices
are up for re election and you definitely will get my vote.

Thanks again for letting me serve you,

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CSH Meeting Minutes................................... …... pg 4

Job Posting/Hematoxylin Puzzle.......................... pg 10

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CTSH Officers

President : Vincent Klump

Vice President: Amos Brooks

(203) 785-5879

Secretary: Nancy Troiano
(203) 785-5136

Treasurer: Leo Kelly
(203) 932-5711 x4758

Committees/Membership: Cindy Deriso
(203) 785-2790

Newsletter: Amos Brooks
(see above)

Plan Ahead!

38th Annual NSH Symposium/ Convention

Date: 28 Sep 2012
         3 Oct 2012

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada



June 27, 2012
Controlling Your IHC Stains
Presented by: Debbie Siena, HT(ASCP)QIHC, Statlab Medical
Products, McKinney, TX and Kathleen A. Dwyer, HT(ASCP),
AmeriPath, Addison, TX

Understanding the CLIA and CAP regulations about selecting,
validating and documenting the correct controls for
immunohistochemistry(IHC) stains can be overwhelming. This
teleconference will help the participants understand: when and how
to obtain control tissue; using positive and negative tissue controls;
using negative reagent controls for IHC; how to validate control
tissue, and document validations; and the CLIA/CAP regulations
around controlling your stains.

July 25, 2012 – Sentinel Lymph Nodes: A Look at the Significance
From the Histotech's Perspective

Presented by: Heather Renko-Montes, BS,HT(ASCP)QIHC, Leica
Microsystems, Bannockburn, IL

This teleconference will discuss the use of sentinel lymph nodes (SLN)
to determine the staging of breast cancer and melanoma. The use and
safety of technicium 99 (radioactive isotope) will be explored. Various
types of histology sectioning and staining options will also be covered.

August 22, 2012-Hirschsprung's Disease: Histologic Techniques for

Presented by: Sarah Bajer, HTL(ASCP), William Beaumont
Hospital, Royal Oak, MI

Hirschsprung’s Disease is a deficiency of nerve ganglion in part of the
large intestine, most often diagnoses in neonates. Symptoms include
poor feeding, abdominal distention, constipation, or complete lack of
bowel movements. Imaging studies of the abdomen can help with
diagnosis, but rectal biopsies are used for confirmation of diagnosis.
Acetylcholinesterase (ACE) staining of frozen sections with routine
H&E and other stains are used by the pathology for diagnosis. This
teleconference will discuss how Hirschsprung’s Disease is diagnosed
and the proper protocols for frozen sections and staining.

Keep an eye out for an email from NSH about elections!!

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Call for Council of Laboratory Professional Nominations deadline is June 1. Are
you interested in a leadership opportunity with the ASCP Council of Laboratory
Professionals? As a member of the Council of Laboratory Professionals, you will have
a direct role in identifying and responding to issues that impact laboratory
professionals as well as the entire laboratory team. For more information go to

Become an ASCP Career Ambassador - deadline is June 11The Career
Ambassador Program is an initiative that addresses the laboratory workforce
shortage. It creates awareness of the profession to pre-college students who may not
otherwise be aware of laboratory careers. Career Ambassadors visit pre-college
classrooms to share their inspiring stories of becoming a laboratory professional and
receive a $1,000 award after 10 presentations. For more information go to

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Connecticut Society for Histotechnologists, Inc.
2011 Business Meeting

March 31, 2012
New Haven, CT

President Vinnie Klump called the meeting to order. Meeting was held prior to the Spring CSH workshops at
Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

Membership chairperson Cindy DeRiso reported that CSH currently has 72 paid members, the majority of which
are from Yale. This is down from 135 members the previous year. Cindy indicated that we need to spread the
word and encourage membership among fellow histotechs.

Leo Kelly reported a current balance of $50,463.00 in the CSH account.

Amos Brooks reported that the new website is a Go Daddy website and is found at He is looking
for volunteers of help with the maintenance of the website.

New Business:

Information was provided to members regarding the Region I scholarship for attendance at the Region I
meeting. Members should contact Angela Fogg for more information. There have been no applicants as of this

The Region I meeting will be held on April 27 & 28 at the Islandia Marriott on Long Island in New York.

Information was provided to members on he Francis Millspaugh scholarship offered by CSH in the amount of
$300.00 on a reimbursement basis to attend an educational meeting. Applicant must be a member in good
standing of CSH and do a writeup for the Paraffin press in order to be reimbursed. Any interested applicants can
contact Vinnie Klump directly.

Vinnie indicated that a delegate for the House of Delegates meeting at the NSH convention in Vancouver, BC is
needed for the 2012 symposium. Delegate must be a member in good standing of both CSH and NSH for the
past year and will receive a $200.00 reimbursement for attending the HOD meeting on behalf of CSH.

Cindy DeRiso will accept nominations for any of the CSH offices for Fall 2012. Please email nominations to
her. Election to be held at the Fall 2012 meeting.

Vinnie indicated that histology supplies are being collected for histology laboratories in Africa (Rwanda). He
will take anything, including used blades. They are also looking for histotechs.

Ideas and input were solicited from members for a new CSH logo and recommendations for future speakers.

Vinnie provided an update on the Rhode Island meeting held at Buster and Daves in the Providence Mall. There
were several excellent talks at that meeting.

There were 38 attendees at this meeting and 2 speakers for the Spring 2012 meeting. Dr. John Pawelek spoke on
Immunohistochemistry and the Understanding of Cancer and Dr. Shawn Cowper spoke on Nephrogenic
Systemic Fibrosis.

Nancy Troiano
Secretary, CSH

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Middlesex Hosp. in Middletown has a 40 hour day position M-F,currently no

weekends open for a certified Histotech. The applicant should be experienced in all
aspects of histology to include Immunhistochemistry. We offer good benefits and
pleasant working conditions and the hours are somewhat flexible. Free offsite parking
is provided. My phone # here is (860)358-6028 if you have any questions.


3. Plant that hematoxylin is derived from
5. _____ hydrate is used in Mayer's Alum Hematoxylin
7. Overstaining then removing excess hematoxylin
8. Process of oxidizing hematoxylin to a usable dye is commonly called...
9. Stain in which hematoxylin is used to demonstrate elastic fibers
10. Country with a logwood tree on it's currency and flag
12. Original formula includes Mercuric Chloride
13. Blue dye that is sometimes used to substitute for hematoxylin
1. Hematoxylin commonly used to demonstrate muscle striations
2. The dye that is identical in chemical structure to hematoxylin but has one less
oxygen atom
4. Staining just enough then stopping
6. An Iron hematoxylin
11. Common hematoxylin that has Aluminum sulphate

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